Meth Lab Cleanup

Meth labs can occur anywhere. We have the chemical and removal systems to destroy the meth lab chemical toxins and residues. Meth is one of the most dangerous and destructive drugs known to man. Once the meth lab has been discovered and the culprits have departed or are arrested, the contaminated  building is left to the landlord. You must choose, demolition or restoration. 

Here Strada Restore and our capabilities come into play. Other remediation efforts would sometimes require remediators to enter a property two or three times to scrub things down and/or demolishing items considered uncleanable.

Strada Restore will provide you a comprehensive agreement whereby we can assure the neutralising of meth.

As the property owner you must prove your property is safe to re-occupy.


A qualified Hygienist  will pre-test, identify site hazards on site, provide a report indicating the level of contamination. We shall then and provide detailed information and scope on how to remediate the site.  A laboratory test will  identify chemicals and invisible residues including non-visible and odourless residues.

Following decontamination testing to be carried out by a qualified hygienist, to avoid any liability issues. A final site validation report from a qualified hygienist is required to comply with OH&S requirements to re-occupation.

  • Strada Restore will beat any competitors price on remediation.
  • We provide fixed price quotes.
  • If the premises cannot be cleared there will be no charge for our mitigation and Strada Restore will foot the bill for the hygienist.

Strada Restore can attend any property in New Zealand with in 24 hours.

For answers to your queries, call Strada Restore on 0800 55 22 55 or follow the contact link.