Mould Remediation

Mould is a both common and serious health concern and is usually the evidence of another underlying problem Mould thrives in moist conditions and is frequently associated with floods, water leaks, or neglect. Mould if not dealt with will spread and lead to air contamination and even the breakdown of structural elements in a building. The underlying causes of mould are usually well established. If possible, deal with mould as soon as you see it. An analysis of surface mould and airborne spore will accurately identify the nature of the infected space. 

Strada’s specialised air-scrubbers, heat treatment process, thermal imaging, structural drying techniques and anti-microbial treatments will together improve health and wellbeing in addition to making your place look and smell like new again.

Mould can grow on almost all surfaces.  Strada Restore will implement a prevention plan starting with a detailed moisture control inspection and report. Dealing with the problem within 24-48 hours through cleaning, drying and removal of water damaged materials and addressing the underlying causes will limit or prevent mould re-growth.


To get serious about treating mould and mould related issues in your premises

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