Odour Control

Residual odours left behind can be very difficult to remove and distressing to the property owners. Odours which are not eliminated applying the correct applications they will linger and be an ongoing reminder of the stressful occurrence.

Strada Restore technicians recognise the need to thoroughly deodorise properties after the decontamination and drying procedures in order to rid the properties of the odours which are preventing the property owner from reoccupying their property. We understand that odours can become trapped in pours of the building fabric, vents, ducts and inaccessible areas and have a range of products to remove odour in all circumstances.


Whether the property has suffered fire or flood damage, it has to be thoroughly decontaminated and dried before the technicians can begin the deodorisation process. Porous materials odour to such an extent that they need to be removed from the building to be cleaned effectively.

Strada Restore use a number of applications for odour control including:

  • Thermal fogging
  • Ozone generators
  • Heat Treatment
  • Essential Oil

There is no odour Strada Restore can’t eliminate

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