Pest Control

As licenced pest controllers in New Zealand Strada Restore can offer non-toxic and traditional kill solutions when any number of vertebrate or invertebrate organism are invading your work or living space.

Anyone of these can pose a problem and may adversely affect our health, our natural habit and unique NZ wildlife and even our reputation. Strada Restore as members of the Pest Management Association of NZ have an enduring interest in our natural and living habitat and have a strong interest in applying where possible non-toxic and humane pest control solutions.

A proprietary feature is our decontamination chamber where we efficiently and effectively treat small vehicles, pallet lots, furniture etc for odours or infestations.

We are active in commercial pest control of all types of businesses premises and can guarantee to beat any service fee on term contracts

Contact Strada Restore today on 0800 55 22 55 or follow the contact link to discuss your pest management requirements.