House Flies


Flies can be a real nuisance, both visually and in their ability to transfer such things as dysentery, parasitic worms and salmonella among others.

Managing Flies

Our service technicians:

  1. Are Approved Handlers.
  2. Accredited by PMANZ (Pest Management Association Of New Zealand).
  3. Hold or are working through NZ Certificate in Urban Pest Management.
  4. All technicians operate within our Quality Management System ISO9001 and Health & Safety Management System 45001.

Prevention & Control:

  1. First step in identification of fly species to target habitat & breeding stages.
  2. Identify the cause(s) of what is attracting the fly species..
  3. Target the various life cycle stages.
  4. Treatment by an experience pest control technician.

Consequences of Not Acting:

  1. The rapid transition from eggs to adult flies can be very short resulting in a rapid population increase.
  2. Rapid increases in fly population will greatly increase the prospect of disease and infection.

Fly Problem – What Next?

  1. Call 0800 55 22 55 to book a time for a technician to inspect and assess your premises.
  2. Draft a Treatment Plan depending on the level of infestation and the nature and location of your business and determine treatment price.
  3. Explain and carry out the treatment and put control plan in place to prevent re-occurrence.