Plant and Equipment

Strada Restore has an extensive fleet of equipment that we own, maintain and operate. Our centralised plant warehouse is located at the company’s Christchurch head office and warehouse, and is responsible for managing maintenance and mobilisation of plant and equipment plus general supplies

Workshops in the SI and NI ensure plant and equipment always operates at optimal levels.

All equipment is immediately checked, serviced ad where necessary recalibrated on return to base to facilitate prompt response to customers enquiries.

Strada Restore are committed to owning, maintaining and operating our own plant and equipment. 

Strada Restore  to provide the advantages of:

  • Availability of equipment suitable for the task
  • Reliability of equipment through routine and preventative maintenance
  • Increased control of plant and operations
  • Reduced risk normally associated with large scale subcontracting, and
  •  Competitive plant rates

With many dehumidifiers and air movers Strada Restore is capable to take on the biggest of projects and disasters.

Furthermore, our head office is now operating a new decontamination chamber for heat treatment and fumigation processes for individual items.

If you require further information, please contact Strada Restore on 0800 55 22 55 or follow the contact link.