Customer Driven

Strada Restore, understands that in this highly competitive industry we need to be committed to every element of the process. This includes making client satisfaction a top priority. While it is a requirement, it is also what defines us as an industry leader, constantly setting and achieving new benchmarks.

We have developed a multi-faceted approach to ensure our clients stay at the heart of everything we do, and that we deliver measurable, bottom-line results.


Client Satisfaction Steps:

  1. Strategic Planning – Determine the goals, objectives, at the beginning of a project review throughout the life of the project.
  2. Customer Service committed to reducing our client’s total costs, we use a three-step process. This includes a customer-centric organisational structure, a metric-driven approach to measuring satisfaction, and an incentive plan that is based on client evaluations, which create a framework for building long-term strategic partnerships.
  3. Project Team Leader will manage and guide the project, ensuring that the key requirements of client satisfaction are implemented. The team will include the claim coordinators and technicians, skilled labour, quality, materials management, and budgetary requirements to ensure all client expectations are being met.
  4. Regular Status Updates, a short-term accountability is what makes long-term goals realistic. We ensure consistency with project management and delivery by offering daily online reports and periodic meetings to review all services being delivered. Additionally, we also offer project KPI reviews .